Training Hub for Renewable Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka.

Innovative Character

This project is offering the renewable energy sector in Sri Lanka a great opportunity for development of three critical trends in sustainable communities with new and innovative features; this is in line with Sri Lanka 2030 vision, as:

  • The establishing of new training centres in led by Sri Lankan universities and relevant national and internationally based in Sri Lanka industries that will support the deployment of renewables on medium and large scale; this includes the legal and physical structure of the centres.
  • The team will develop the main framework of courses and modules to be studied in preparation of highly skilled technicians, engineers and managers, in conjunction with sophisticated practical tools for hands on, that is identified as a shortfall in the Sri Lankan and also regional skill-market, this will allow for apprentice personnel to practice the knowledge gained in the academic part.
  • The consortium will develop new blended/E-learning and training system to qualify new generation with strong practice in RE fields including design, control, operation and maintenance.
  • Seeking regional and if possible, EU recognition/accreditation of the training centres to ensure quality of the implementation and sustainability.
  • Multi-cultural training programs building on expertise from EU countries blended with Sri Lankan partners, this will enhance the country personnel skills, hence the region and accommodation of different prospective.
  • Increase the awareness of the needs for maintenance and project management in general and for RE in particular that is hardly considered-culture in the country, this will be achieved without the need to attend and register for a degree-course that is a complicated process and a clear barrier for many people to attend regular year-long classes.
  • Intensive implementation, physical experiment and e-Learning approaches based on the existing facilities at all partners with full integration with global resources.