Training Hub for Renewable Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka.


Welcome to Inauguration Event of the EU Erasmus+ funded Training Hub for Renewable Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka (THREE LANKA) Project Implementation Launching the Pilot Certificate Courses


We are pleased to inform you that the project titled Training Hub for Renewable Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka (THREE LANKA) is now in the implementation stage. The objective of this project is to develop an e-learning-based certificate programme to train technicians, engineers, and project managers in Sri Lanka. The scope of the certificates covers renewable energy technologies, including solar, wind, hydro, biomass, etc. We believe the project outcome will be beneficial to the Sri Lankan public as they will get an opportunity to train on renewable energy technologies by using five knowledge and skill transfer hubs established in the Southern, Eastern, Western, North and Central provinces in Sri Lanka. To guarantee our own energy independence and the future of our young population, Sri Lanka must become a NetZero nation. In this context, we have organised a round table discussion with the theme of "future policy direction for Sri Lanka to become a NetZero country.


8.00 8.30 Registration
8.30 8.35 Lightening of Traditional Oil lamp
8.35 8.40 Welcome speech by Vice Chancellor, University of Ruhuna
8.40 8.45 Introduction to THREE Lanka project
8.45 8.55 Speech by the chief guest, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
8.55 9.05 Speech by the Minister of Power and Energy
9.05 9.15 Speech by State Minister of Education
9.15 9.25 Speech by EU Delegation
9.25 9.35 Joint statement by the EU delegation for the Sri Lanka and Maldives and Sri Lanka government in supporting Sri Lanka to develop net zero country and directing for achieving sustainable development goals
9.35 10.45 Round table discussion on future policy direction for Sri Lanka to become net zero country and strategies and support for green job growth
10.45 10.50 Vote of thanks
10.50 11.30 Refreshment and networking